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History Of Vasavi-Matha

Vasavi-Matha was one of the twin children born to Penugonda King Kusuma Shresti and Queen Kusumamba on Vaishaka Shuddha Dashimi.

From the childhood, Vasavi was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. She was a teenage girl of exceptional beauty, smart and intelligent. She decided to dedicate her life to Lord Shiva remain un-married.

The emperor Vishnuvardhana was captivated by the beauty and glamour of Vasavi and decided to marry her at any cost.

On getting know about this, Vasavi Matha had declined to marry him but the emperor Vishnuvardhana decided to marry her even by waging a war on Penugonda.

In order to prevent bloodshed and honour of womanhood, Vasavi Matha decided to end her AVATAR by offering herself to the God of Fire, AGNI.

Out of the 714 Gothrajas, 102 Gothrajas supported her view and decided to enter the sacred fire along with her.

On Magha Suddha Bidige day, Vasavi Matha entered the sacred fire along with 102 Gothraja couples. Vasavi Matha emerged from the sacred fire as "KANYAKAPARAMESWARI" with eighteen hands and preached universal and social religiousness, spirituality, love, sacrifice and non-violence and laid the foundation for non-violence and dharma rakshana.

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