• Satrayaga being performed by Maharshi Suta on the bank of the river Saraswathi. In that connection Suta Maharashi is narrating the history and origin of Vysyas.
  • Study of Vedas, Knowledge in the sixteen spiritual rites and education and sixty four arts under the holy rishi chyavana by Dharmananda.
  • Dharmananda who had agreed to sacrifice his life in order to save a Brahmin reached pathala Lokam lead by young Vysya Vasuki and had the Darshan of Adisesha, who was immensely impressed by the Dharma Sanskara of the great celebrity and offered him a boon. Dharmanandana requested him to recite the birth tale of the Vysyas. This was granted the presence of great Rishis and other luminaries.
  • While Kirthi Kanyaka, the daughter of Pratapavathi and Somadatha was stolling in thegardens of Kailasa, the Gandhava King Chitrakanta watches her with a foul intention.He asks her who she was and why she had come there. Kirthi Kantha feels shy and bows her head in displeasure
  • Chitrakanta asks somadatha for the hand of Kirthi Kantha. When he was fused of the request saying that he would marry his day to only one of the 102 Vysya Gotryas and none else, the Gandharva was furious and cursed the Vysyas to be away from Kailasam. Then Somadatha Cursed his to be born as a wicked kind on the earth and be killed for his misdeeds.
  • Parvathi Devi and Parameswara came to earth from Kailasa and took the forms of Vindhya Nivasini and Nagareswara at Penukonda. Maha Lakshmi came down as Kona Kamala Devi and Sri Vishna bec ame Janardana. The Brahma took birth as the Vysyakula Gur Bhaskara Charya
  • Owing to the curse of Chitrakanta the 102 Gotraja Vaisysas took their birth on the banks of the holy river the Godavari and doing their business, in costly stones, gold etc., including trading overseas.
  • Kusuma Shresti was ruling 18 cities with Penukonda as the capital. Though he had all the riches in the world, he was not blessed with children his family Guru, Bhaskara Charya makes him perform “putrakamesti”. Parvathi Devi was pleased with the yagna and blessed the couple with twins a male and female child.
  • With the blessings of Shiva and Parvathi, Kusuma Shresti and his wife are blessed with twins. The baby boy was named Virupaksha and the girl, vasavamba. The first celebration for them on their birth, That is cradling celebration is being performed with joy all over pervading.
  • King Vishnu Vardhana wanted to visit the glorious Penukonda on his way back home after a successful in Vasi on his every states. The King of Penukonda, Kusuma Shresty gave a warm welcome to him. Ac c ording to the Custom Vishnu Vardhana was given Aaarathi by the Gaurava Balika, the first maid of the land Vasavamba. The king, being a wicked and womanized person was attracted by Vasavamba
  • 612 Gotrajas of the Vysya community to cased more for their materialistic existence. They were in favour of sending Vasavamba to Vishnu Vardhana to save their heads rater than saving the honour of their first maid. On their assurance and support Vishnu Vardhana, whose eyes were filled with the meanest lust came to set out for Penukond with his pagentry and camped at Bhagnapuri
  • Vishnu Vardhana send a message to Pennkonda about his desire to marry Vasavamba. According to tradition the first maid (Gaurava Balika) has got to be married to only a Balangagara (a youth belonging to Vysya Commuty).
  • 102 Gotrajas rejected the request of the King Vishnu Vardhana. 102 Gatraja couples along with Vasavamba (who was the avatar of Parvathi) decided to enter the holy fire in the Agiikundam with the consent of Bhaskaracharya
  • As the lusty Vishnuvardhana was proceeding to Penukonda to achieve his evil designs, he was attacked at Bhagnapuri by Ammavaru. Taking the forms of Kalika Shakthi, she beheaded the king and killed many of his soldiers. The survined surrendered and became the devotees of Matha
  • Raja Raja Narendra was the son of Vishnu Vardhana. He was I riended at the death of his father on account of his own evil deeds. He praised the Goddess who appeared before him seated on a lion. The Goddess granted his wish to see his deed father. The Goddess was pleased with Raja Raja Narendra & could Visuvalize his father going to kailasam. As he was killed by Kali Matha he attained Moksham
  • The 102 gatraja couples entered the holy fire. Their sons went to Kasi to perform the obsequies to their parents. King Raja Raja Narendra welcomed them and requested them to live happily in their own land

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